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Professional pilot program at Kansas State Polytechnic

Thrilling flights. Panoramic views. Adventurous opportunities. The life of a professional pilot is full of exhilarating moments and Kansas State Polytechnic’s award-winning professional pilot program is the perfect place to begin your aviation journey. With more Master Certified Aviation Instructors than any other college or university in the nation, a premium fleet of 35 aircraft and flight training devices, and a large and active regional airport steps away from the classroom, your education and experience will far outreach the highest of expectation.

Professional Pilot

Fly a CRJ 700 Simulator

K-State’s aviation program is one of the few in the country that offers students the opportunity to fly in a Canadair Regional Jet, or CRJ, 700 simulator. This device is an identical representation of the airplane made by Bombardier and gives pilots hands-on experience running checklist flows, systems and the avionics package associated with an aircraft of this size. Students also are given various flying scenarios, including working as a crew, and their “trips” are recorded so they can examine and improve each flight.

Location, location, location

No commute is necessary when moving from the classroom to the flightline. Kansas State Polytechnic’s campus is located adjacent to the Salina Regional Airport, providing students a 12,300-foot runway – one of the longest in the country – as their training facility. The property also is home to crosswind and parallel runways.

Affordable Flying

More than 80% of Kansas State Polytechnic students receive financial assistance, so paying for tuition and flight hours is attainable. In fact, our campus has many gracious supporters of the aviation program who have gifted a variety of scholarships, some specifically to help with flying. We also accept the GI Bill, which, depending on a veteran’s service, could cover the entire cost of education.

Erin Mahoney

During my deployment, I began the process of enrolling as a student in K-State’s professional pilot program. From half a world away, I was able to access and complete all of the required admissions information and spoke with an advisor to set up my classes. People were always reaching out to me from K-State, making my transition from active duty military to full-time student comfortable.

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Bill Gross

For almost 30 years, I proudly have been watching students grow and mature as they go through K-State’s aviation program, from merely kids with a dream to professional pilots ready to make an impact in the industry. And because of the students’ drive and work ethic, our program has a reputation for developing and producing some of the most highly skilled pilots flying today. It has been one of my biggest joys in life getting to know each student and helping contribute to their success.

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Brooke Roman

K-State’s professional pilot program prepares students for all facets of the aviation industry because it values meticulous structure. I had no idea when I was in school I would be landing a plane on glaciers, remote lakes and gravel bars as part of my job. K-State’s disciplined approach to education made me a well-rounded pilot, allowing me to adapt to any scenario in my aviation journey.

Lt. Andrew Talbott

K-State’s professional pilot program undoubtedly is the single most important thing that prepared me for my career in the Navy, and it made a difference in me as a person too. I was able to grow up and learn about responsibility, trust, teamwork and dedication. After completing all of my ratings, I gained experience teaching other students how to fly and received valuable opportunities interacting with people and learning social skills – all of which are required to succeed in my line of work. I will never forget my time at K-State, the advanced technology provided to me, and the education I received from the faculty and staff.